Our Story

On October 20, 2019 ‘ Le Petit Café Rose ’ officially opened. Standing the grounds where Happy Maree once was - 229 Somerville Road, Yarraville 3013.

Le Petit Café Rose has become a hub of creativity and comfort. With art hanging off the walls, an upright piano that you’re free to play, shelves of secondhand books for sale, delicious pastries and breads from Noisette Bakery, along with delicious house-made cupcakes, cookies and cakes baked fresh daily.

Kevin (he / him) is a musician and has been playing music for the majority of his life and can make magic with quite a number of instruments. By day- he is a music tutoring, coffee making, sandwich eater. By night - he is the drummer for the band ‘Way Shit’, bassist in ‘S.P Twin’ and guitarist in 'Mountain Laurel.'

Monica (they / them ) is an artist of many forms and self taught baker. They started making coffee at the age of 13, at Bean on Track, their mother’s Café. Monica has also been creating for the majority of their life, Painting, drawing, photography, makeup, anything creative. This little dream has been in the back of Monica’s mind since making their first cup of coffee and now, it’s a reality.

Full of warmth, love, music, art, secondhand books and of course French vibes, Le Petit Café Rose will be a hub of creativity and comfort.

Kevin and Monica spent time in France in 2018 and fell in love with the country - Le Petit Café Rose or The Little Pink Café, is a little slice of their heaven.