Terms + Conditions


refunds/ cancellations

7+ days before set date: full refund

7-5 days before set date: 50% refund

5-0 days before set date: forfeit of all money paid

refunds after your order has left our hands will be at the discretion of our staff, we will not give refunds if you are unhappy with the design, colours, decorations or if your order has been eaten.

changes / add on / extra

if you want to change the colour palette, decorations, set design

7+ days before set date: no charge unless extras added

7-5 days before set date: a fee will apply

3-0 days before set date: no changes will be accepted


any damages that occur after we have delivered your order or it has been picked up are not our responsibility.


by making a booking and/or filling out our forms, you are agreeing to the set terms and conditions, terms and conditions may change without notice at any time.

we will not tolerate abuse or harassment, if something is wrong with your order please be kind while emailing and communicating with us and we will do everything we can to accommodate, we will not communicate with you if you are harassing or abusing our staff.